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Cockpit 148

Cockpit with Internet Explorer support

Cockpit 147

Cockpit with Accounts improvements

Cockpit 146

Cockpit with Software Updates improvements and GCE support

Cockpit 145

Cockpit with Machines, Terminal, and Software Updates improvements

Cockpit Virtual Hackfest Wrapup

Here’s what happened at the Cockpit Hackfest last week in Karlsruhe, Germany. We’ve were working on virtual machine functionality in Cockpit.

Cockpit Virtual Hackfest

There’s a Cockpit Hackfest underway in Karlsruhe, Germany. We’re working on virtual machine functionality in Cockpit.

Cockpit 143

Cockpit with new Software Updates page

Cockpit 142

Cockpit with Virtual Machine improvements

Cockpit 136 and 137

Cockpit with menu and storage changes

Cockpit 135

Cockpit with authorization and authentication changes